What is Volkswagen Sign and Drive?

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Volkswagen is known for offering remarkable lease specials. If you have been considering a new VW recently, you have likely heard about Volkswagen Sign and Drive. What is Volkswagen Sign and Drive and how can it benefit drivers in the Chicago area? Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn has all the details on whether a sign and drive lease is ideal for you.

How Do Sign & Drive Leases Work?
Volkswagen Sign and Drive events are constantly attracting potential buyers to VW dealerships across America. Why is that? Whether you’re interested in a Jetta sedan or Atlas SUV, a sign and drive lease allows you to more affordably drive home to Orland Park in the Volkswagen of your dreams. So, how does it work? Instead of needing thousands of dollars for a down payment, a sign and drive lease gives you the chance to bundle the leasing costs into your monthly payments. It is still necessary to cover any taxes and associated leasing fees at the dealership, of course, but you don’t have to worry about making a significant down payment to lease your car of choice.

Do I Qualify for a Sign & Drive Lease?
If you don’t have a down payment saved but need a new car, VW Sign & Drive is a fast and rewarding way to get a reliable new sedan or SUV. The better your credit score, the higher the chance of approval. VW Sign and Drive is a zero-down lease event, so if your credit score is less than ideal, you may not be approved for this offer. If you don’t qualify, our Volkswagen finance team would be glad to help you find another affordable alternative that works with your budget. Don’t worry! Your perfect Volkswagen is still within reach.

Is Volkswagen Sign & Drive Right for You?
Because you’re rolling the down payment over, keep in mind that your monthly payments will be a bit higher. However, there are numerous advantages to leasing. Before you decide on leasing vs. financing, you will want to take the following factors into consideration:

Your monthly budget and how much you can afford in car payments
Your daily and weekly commute
Whether you want to make any customizations to your new car (most leases prohibit modifications)
Your driving history
The safety of the area in which you regularly park your vehicle
Trust the Team at Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn
If you have additional questions about VW Sign and Drive or want details on the next event, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be glad to go over your leasing and financing options.

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