What Do the Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights Mean?

April 23rd, 2021 by

New vehicles like the Volkswagen Jetta are designed with clear warning lights to keep you safe and ensure your vehicle gets servicing when it needs it. Okay, so what do the Volkswagen Jetta warning lights mean? Simply read on to find out.

Jetta Dashboard Lights
Your dash has three main types of dashboard lights to let you know when equipment is in use and when a potential problem requires your attention. Dash lights include:

Daytime Running Light Indicator
Headlamp On Indicator
Headlamp ‘Bright’ Indicator
These are all largely informational, so you don’t need to be concerned if you see them light up.

Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights
You should watch out for yellow/orange and red lights as you cruise around Chicago and Orland Park. They’re designed to get your attention and warn you of potential issues.

Yellow/orange warning lights are serious but not critical, so you should get your VW Jetta serviced as soon as possible if you see them light up. They include:

ABS: Indicates an issue with the anti-lock braking system
ESP/ASR: Indicates an event that requires expert attention
Steering Light: Indicates an issue with the steering system
Fuel Pump: Shows your vehicle is low on fuel
Airbag: One of your airbags has malfunctioned or has been deactivated and needs attention
Check Engine Light: There’s something wrong with your engine (It could be anything from a bad sensor to something more serious)
TPMS: There isn’t enough air in one or more of your tires
Battery: The battery is low on charge and requires charging or replacement
Red warning lights are more serious, so you should stop your vehicle in a safe place and arrange to have it taken to an authorized service center if you ever see them light up. Red warning lights include:

Oil: The vehicle has lost oil pressure
Battery: The battery is about to fail or has failed
You’ll also get a red seat belt light warning if someone isn’t wearing theirs. This clearly doesn’t mean your vehicle needs servicing, but you should stop until that person has buckled up to keep them protected in the unlikely event of an accident in Countryside.

Visit Our Showroom to Find Out More About Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights
Whether you’re looking for more service tips and tricks or need to schedule servicing after seeing one of your Volkswagen Jetta warning lights come on, we can help. Feel free to get in touch today.

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