How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Car

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Man’s best friend loves to go for a ride around Oak Lawn, but many dog-owners run into the perennial question: how to get dog hair out of car seats. If you’re trying to preserve the looks of your new Volkswagen interior, read tips from the experts at Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn below!

Best Way to Get Dog Hair Out of Car: Pro Tools
Fabric seats seem eager to collect pet hair as you drive in Chicago, so there are tons of special products designed to gather up your dog’s winter coat. It’s very possible to remove pet hair from cars with leather seats, although the approach is different.

Pet Hair Roller: Think of this as a heavy-duty lint roller designed to be an effective tool that can remove dog hair from cars.
Pet Hair Brush: A bristled brush designed to remove some of your pet’s coat is also effective when applied to upholstery.
Fur Remover Broom: Like the brush, the rubber bristles on this broom you can find in most Orland Park pet stores are great for getting dog hair out of cars.
Grooming Gloves/Mitts: These handy tools are considered by some to be the best way to get dog hair out of cars, as they allow you to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces inside your vehicle.
Fabric Sweepers: Fabric sweepers are excellent tools for gathering a ton of pet hair.
Leather Seats: Wondering how to get dog hair out of a car with leather upholstery? First, grab a microfiber cloth for a gentle wipedown. Then, use a lint roller on your leather seats!
How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Car: Home Solutions
These special products get the job done, but there are a number of tried-and-true methods for how to remove dog hair from cars using simple tools in your Countryside household:

Duct Tape: Yes, here is yet another use for duct tape or packing tape.
Rubber Kitchen Gloves: When damp, these gloves are useful for removing hair.
Fabric Softener Sheets: This little-known remedy is effective in a pinch.
Velcro Curlers: You can use these if you need to quickly clear your passenger seats of dog hair.
Balloons: This is perhaps the most entertaining method for how to get dog hair out of car seats. The static from a blown-up balloon is super effective at gathering hard-to-reach hair pieces.
Learn DIY Car Care with Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn!
At Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn, we want Oak Lawn drivers to have the knowledge and tools to keep their car in the best condition possible. That’s why we offer service tips and tricks from the experts at our service center, where you can schedule service for your many needs. Contact us today with any questions!

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