How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

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No matter what kind of Volkswagen you drive, regular oil changes are one of the most important elements of your maintenance schedule. Although it’s far from uncommon to hear snake oil salesmen shilling their “3,000-mile oil changes,” we think our neighbors near Orland Park deserve to know the truth. So, how often should you change your oil, really? Unless you drive an older car or engage in strenuous driving, your oil change frequency should fall between 7,500 and 10,000 miles.

When Should I Increase My Oil Change Frequency?
Motor oil lubricates the components in the engine and helps to prevent overheating, so if you’re not getting oil changes at the proper intervals, you’re going to notice reduced performance. You might even end up with bigger problems down the line. So, although the guideline found above will be appropriate for most drivers, you should know the factors that reduce your oil’s lifespan.

Any driving that puts an extra strain on your engine will tend to result in your oil change frequency being shortened. So, if you regularly engage in off-road use, commercial use, racing, or heavy towing, call us today to find out when you should get your next oil change.

Tips for Changing Your Oil
Everybody wants to reduce the amount of money they spend on maintenance. Switching to synthetic oil might be more expensive, but if it works with your vehicle, it could help you go longer in between service visits. A synthetic-conventional blend might also help you save.
You should always use the type of oil recommended in your owner’s manual, and you can always find exactly what you need at our Oak Lawn parts department. If you’re performing an oil change at home, make sure to pick up a new oil filter while you’re here.
Even if you don’t put many miles on the odometer, you’re going to want to change your oil at least once or twice a year. Oil naturally breaks down over time, even if it isn’t being used, and stagnant oil might cause more problems than you’d expect!
Checking Dipstick
How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?
Checking your oil levels once a month is no less important than securing oil changes at the proper intervals. This simple check can help to catch leaks and other issues before they become costly repairs, and it’s easy to perform at home.

Once you’ve determined that your oil is within the proper range, check for a burnt smell, an especially dark color, or small metal particles suspended in the fluid. In any of these cases, you’ll want to schedule service as soon as you can.

Get a Quick, Easy Oil Change with Us!
Now that you’ve answered the question, “How often should you change your oil?” you may have realized that it’s time to bring your vehicle into the shop. If so, make sure to check out our oil change coupons and service specials before you drive in from Palos Hills or Countryside.

Any questions about our oil change prices or processes? Don’t hesitate to contact our service team. We can also answer the question, “How long does an oil change take?”

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