How Do You Change a Car Tire?

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If you are stranded on the roads of Chicago with a flat tire, or you notice that your tires do not have a safe amount of tread left, you may be wondering a bit about DIY car tire replacement. So, how do you change a car tire? Knowing how to perform this skill can save you from having to wait on the side of the road or riding around on dangerous tires. If you have questions about how to change a car tire or how often to change car tires, the service experts at Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn are here to assist you.

Changing Your Volkswagen Tires
Before you can get started, you will need to make sure you have all of the necessary tools to perform a tire replacement. You will need a jack, lug wrench, spare tire or new tire(s), wheel wedges, and your owner’s manual. Once you have everything that you need, you are ready to go!

If you have encountered a flat tire while commuting through the Orland Park area, you will need to pull over to a safe location and engage your hazard lights.
Engage the parking brake. Place the wheel wedges under your other tires.
Take the hubcap or wheel cover off of the tire. When this is done, you can then loosen the lug nuts.
Raise your vehicle off the ground using the jack. Then, take off the lug nuts.
Remove the current tire and replace it with a new tire or a spare tire.
Secure the lug nuts before lowering the vehicle to the ground.
How Often Should You Change Car Tires?
You may also be asking, “How often should you change car tires?” The answer to this question can vary based on how well you take care of your tires. If you keep up with maintenance tasks like tire rotations, and you ensure your tire pressure is at the right level, you should be able to get the most out of your tires. Make sure you are checking the tire pressure and tire treads often. You will likely need new tires if the tread wear is significant. When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, it is a good time to also have a tire rotation.

How Many Miles Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?
If you needed to replace one or more of your tires with a spare, you will want to get new tires put on your vehicle as soon as you can. Spare tires are not designed for driving long distances. In most cases, you should drive no more than 50 miles on a spare tire, and you should never drive at high speeds if you are using a spare tire. Your spare tire will say its specific limits, but most recommend staying below 50 mph.

Turn to Volkswagen Of Oak Lawn for Proper Tire Care
If you do not want to change the tires on your vehicle, don’t worry. Our service department would be more than happy to take care of this task for you. Contact us today for more information or set up an appointment at your convenience.

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