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Why Should You Buy an Electric Car?

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There are many benefits to driving an electric vehicle that encourage drivers in Chicago to make the move to an electric powered vehicle. Electric vehicles, for most of this century, have had a bit of a bad reputation. However, new battery technology and various advancements made the once disregarded tech something to be coveted, and now something available to the everyday driver. Many brands are coming out with affordable options that are stylish, powerful, and functional for commutes and road trips outside of Burbank. Buying an EV has benefits that you won’t get with your traditional gasoline engine. Explore what you can achieve with Volkswagen of Oak Lawn.

Why Buy an Electric Car?

Some of the main benefits of owning an electric vehicle include the costs, environmental impacts, and minimization of maintenance. Why buy an electric car? Explore the benefits of buying an EV below to find out why:

  • Ownership Costs: Electric vehicles don’t have the traditional gasoline engines that require oiling every few thousand miles, changing an abundance of fluids, and other general maintenance. Your yearly costs of actually owning an electric vehicle are less than a gasoline vehicle. Average savings on power alone are over half the yearly gasoline costs
  • Updated Technology: Part of opting for an electric vehicle is understanding that you will have some of the most up-to-date and cutting edge technology in the car market. 
  • Environmental Impacts: You still will be tied to fossil fuels if you are charging your vehicle “on the grid.” However, if you have solar, wind or other renewable sources available to you, then you will eliminate the emissions of your vehicle completely when you charge with these forms of power. Even if you are on the grid, you’re still consuming less when you go electric. 
  • Maintenance Costs: The average yearly maintenance costs of electric vehicles vs. gasoline-powered vehicles is about a $300 difference. This may not seem like a lot, but in the long term this is saving you a significant amount of money. Considering the lifespan of an EV is estimated to be longer than that of a traditional vehicle, you will be reaping the benefits of your purchase for longer. 

In addition to the information above, there are tax incentives available to Burbank and Naperville drivers that also make buying an EV more tantalizing. 

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Why should you buy an electric car? The financial payouts, overall longevity and environmental benefits are a few reasons why it’s a good move. There are other things to consider before you make your purchase, such as home charging stations and locations of charging stations in your area. If you are a daily commuter or often make short trips in your area, buying an electric vehicle may be a fantastic option for you. Be sure to contact our team at Volkswagen of Oak Lawn outside of Naperville to chat about what options are best for your lifestyle. You can also explore incentives with our finance team, and check out our new vehicle specials


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